The most economical car on earth ?



The race against the clock and high vehicle fuel consumption is over. With the arrival of the VW Lupo 3l TDI in Wolfsburg on Thursday, Volkswagen finished the successful equivalent of a trip around the globe by the world's most economical mass-production car. Hundreds of Lupos formed a procession through the main streets of Wolfsburg as the little member of the VW group made its way towards the VW Autostadt at the main VW factory. Volkswagen had budgeted 1000 litres of diesel for the trip, but only ended up using 793, an average consumption of 2,38/100km at an average speed of 85km/h. The electronic measuring equipment on the car registered its lowest consumption during the trip at 1,99 litres per 100km, while the highest was still under 3 litres, at 2,8l/100km.
The trip was based on Jean-Jules Verne's famous book, "Around the World in Eighty Days", in which Englishman Phileas Fogg took a bet that he could go around the world in eighty days. The team traveled through South Africa, France, Thailand, Australia, North America and many west European and Scandinavian countries before making it back to Wolfsburg, covering 33 333km in the process.

 Volkswagen has hailed the Lupo's trip around the world as a huge success. Despite the fact that the traveling team included mechanics, they had nothing to do except an oil change!


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